Our 8 year old son has been undergoing speech therapy with Ms.Carol for almost a year now. He suffered from a sudden onset of severe stuttering which affected his reading abilities as well. The evaluation at school recommended speech therapy once a week at school.

We did some research and decided to go with additional private speech therapy sessions. We spoke to Ms.Carol and decided to get her help in addition to the sessions at school. 

Ms. Carol helped our son through the sessions and made it very interactive and enjoyable for him. After the speech therapy sessions, we have noticed an outstanding improvement in our son's speech and reading. In fact, in his recent evaluation at school, the evaluation/assessment recommended that his speech has improved and the stuttering is minimal. We agreed with this assessment and he now is off his weekly speech therapy lessons at school.

Few of the many good things we have to say about Ms. Carol:

1. She is very experienced and knowledgable and knows how to work with kids

2. She is extremely  patient with kids and explains things to them at a pace they can understand, absorb and act on confidently

3. She uses very effective teaching methods leveraging books/board games that interest the child. She uses digital technology (iPads) in her sessions as needed

4. Our son loves his weekly speech lesson and says: "Ms. Carol is his favorite teacher!"

5. Most important of all, her structured approach has helped our son get over his speech impediment gradually, but with great success

We are very happy with Ms. Carol's services and highly recommend her.

Thank you, Ms. Carol!--A.S.

"Carol Fenwick is absolutely amazing. My 6.5 year old daughter was having trouble saying a few different sounds.  Carol first did a very complete assessment of my daughters speech issues and identified each sound which we needed to address. On a weekly basis, Carol worked with my daughter 1 on 1 to focus on improving her speech. The whole time my daughter was improving her speech and having fun playing games and working with Carol.   Carol is a very experienced speech therapist and we were lucky she had time to work with our 6 year old daughter.   We highly recommend Carol and would work with her again if the need arose."-J.J.

"My 8 year old daughter enjoys working with Carol on her articulation challenges and has made great improvement over the past several months. Carol was thorough in her evaluation of my daughter’s needs and has provided her with effective instruction and support. I especially like Carol’s efforts to keep the sessions interesting and engaging with age appropriate materials. Carol has a friendly and approachable manner yet is also very professional and punctual.  She hits the right balance between challenging my daughter and celebrating her successes.  I would definitely recommend her services to a friend."--L.T. 

"As an Occupational therapist, I've witnessed Carol Fenwick's skills as a speech pathologist.
She has an excellent rapport with children and is cognizant of their strengths and disability needs.
I would definitely recommend her services."--S.L.

"I have observed Carol Fenwick's skills in assisting my 10 year old son, who had difficulty with word recall and comprehension. She improved my son's abilities immensely. I do recommend her services to others without reservation".--W.R.